PCB Submission

Printed Circuit Board Submission Process

NOTICE: Starting 2/14/2018 the Peralta Engineering Studios can only produce boards that are tied to a class.                                   

Each board must be submitted as a separate ticket to avoid confusion in manufacturing. 

  1. Verify that your PCB design fits within our fabrication capabilities.
  2. Export Gerber files from your preferred PCB editor.
  3. Run a Design for Manufacturing checking with DFM Now and fix any errors identified.
  4. Print a 100% sized copy of your PCB design and physically place all components on the printout to confirm that the footprints are correct. This is particularly important for ICs, connectors, and daughterboards. 
  5. Show your successful DFM check results to a TA or professor so they can document approval of your PCB design for fabrication.
  6. Please go to fultonapps.asu.edu/polylab submit files. Include the following information in the request details:
    1. Professor and class
    2. Quantity of boards (only 1 allowed per design; exceptions allowed with professor approval)
    3. Solder mask needed? (only allowed for final board designs)
    4. Rub out area needed? If yes, specify location
    5. Copper thickness (default is 0.5 oz)
  7. Zip all files together in one zip folder with your Lastname.Firstname.zip
    1. Top.art
    2. Bottom.art
    3. Outline.art
    4. Drill.drl
    5. SolderMaskTop.art
    6. SolderMaskBottom.art
  8. Once the job has been accepted you will receive an email with the status changed on your ticket.
  9. You will receive an email from Poly Lab Request Notification System within 3 – 4 days when your PCB is ready to be picked up. If you are interested in learning about and being a part of the fabrication process with the LPKF mill, please take a look at this video.
  10. After receiving your PCB, make sure to do a continuity test on all traces and vias before adding parts and soldering.

If you have any questions, please contact Peralta.Labs@asu.edu.