The Peralta Engineering Studios encompasses several individual labs on the Polytechnic Campus. The labs are located in Peralta Hall (PRLTA) and the Engineering Studio (ENGR). Peralta Hall contains 3 of our labs, PRLTA 103, 109, and 117 and the Engineering Studio is located at ENGR 101 also known as Studio 90. The Engineering classrooms all have projectors and document camera as well as a variety of hand tools. If there is something missing and you believe it should be there please send us an email at Peralta.Labs@asu.edu or stop by our office in Peralta 109 and let one of our lab techs know.

Peralta 103

Peralta 103, also known as the Electronics System Design and Debug Studio (ESD^2) is an open classroom/lab. This lab is the home to all The Polytechnic School’s Electronic test equipment. There are many electronic test benches all equipped with soldering irons, power supplies, function generators, oscilloscopes, computers and fume extractors. If you need to use the electronic benches while a class is in progress, please be quiet and respectful of the ongoing class. 

Peralta 109

Peralta 109 is our main lab, this is where you will find our main office. Here you will find some large manufacturing machines,  PCB Mills, work tables, bandsaw, drill press, a variety of hand tools, etc. If you need any cleaning supplies or chemicals please see a lab tech for the specific item. If you need project storage, we can provide you with a locker and lock for the semester, all you have to do is send us your request at Peralta.Labs@asu.edu.

Peralta 117

Peralta 117 is an open classroom/lab. As long as there is no class scheduled, feel free to use this space for group work.

ENGR 101 (Studio 90)

All EGR 101 and EGR 102 courses are now taught here. There is a drill press and band saw available for use here during specific class times. There is also Soldering stations and Makerbot 3-D Printers avaiable for you to use. Please see your professor for specifics on availability.